Audis are generally considered to be a car with expensive repairs. Depending on the issue, you may spend hundreds of dollars in one visit to a mechanic. With this knowledge, it’s no wonder that you’re looking to save money when possible.

Many people try to save money by going to an Audi service in Central Florida instead of the dealership. Let’s have a look at how much you can save when you go to an authorized dealer service.

Audi Dealer Vs. Independent Authorized Service Facility: How Much Can I Save?

While there are no real and precise numbers for how much you can save, there is a noticeable difference in costs when you use an independante authorized service shop instead of an Audi dealer.

Most Audi dealers will indeed have parts on hand but they are still faced with the same supply chain shortages as independent shops, but authorized independent shops will have a discounted way to get parts when needed and most of the time at the same speed as the dealer. Most of the time you’ll save money on parts. While an Audi dealer may charge you a higher price for parts and repair work, authorized dealers can get you deals on parts.

You won’t just save money by using an authorized dealer service. The time your car spends in the repair shop is vital and shouldn’t be extended unless absolutely necessary. At the local independent shop, you’ll get much more personal service. They understand that you need your car back and will work hard to get it back to you. As you get to know your shop’s team, they may even offer special discounts on services or repairs in the future.

Audis are an expensive car to repair and often, your purchase includes a limited time maintenance plan. While these maintenance plans can be a great deal and get you free general maintenance at Audi dealers, once they expire, you’ll be expected to pay high costs for the same maintenance tasks at the same Audi dealer.

If you get a maintenance plan with your car, take advantage of it by all means and use your Audi dealer. Once that’s expired, you’ll save a lot of money by finding an authorized dealer service to perform the same repairs at a much lower cost. Remember to shop at your local shop for any additional sales not covered by the maintenance agreement.

Why Should I Choose an Authorized Service Shop Over an Audi Dealer?

It’s understandable that you have questions. After all, you just spent a lot of money to buy your car. The last thing you want to do is harm your car by taking it somewhere where it won’t get good service.

Some people think that an Audi dealer is the best place to go for repairs and maintenance, but unless you’re using a pre-paid or included maintenance plan, this isn’t the case. Often, official dealerships are staffed with amateur mechanics who are only just starting out. They don’t have as much experience, but you’ll still be charged full price for their services. As per JD Power’s surveys, most people trust their independent shop better than the dealer.

At smaller, authorized shops, you’ll get much better customer service. Dealerships see a lot of people everyday and aren’t as interested in forming a personal connection with their clients. Local mechanics care much more about their customers and work hard to get you good discounts on parts and labor and provide you with high quality service. 


Even if you have the money to pay for a dealership repair, it isn’t always recommended. The care you’ll receive is often much better at local shops than Audi dealerships, and the mechanics that work on your car will be much more experienced than beginners that work in dealerships. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but authorized dealer services will be a more affordable option.