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Combining modern technology with an old-fashioned approach to automobile manufacturing, Audi has become a popular brand for drivers. Audi is a brand which continually looks to have the latest and best when it comes to their automobiles. Whether it’s because of the high-quality computer system inside the car or how quickly it can reach top speeds, drivers understand the unique driving experience that Audi provides. With such a blend of technology into each car, the importance of routine service and maintenance and professional repair services become increasingly more important. These specialized Audi repairs mean it takes more than a normal mechanic to care for your car properly. The Audi maintenance schedule needs to be followed to ensure trouble-free operation. Let us help you keep up with your Audi’s maintenance to provide years of excitement and enjoyment.

Take your Audi to a reputable service shop. Dealer Service Alternative has a great reputation in the Orlando area. We have qualified technicians, the proper equipment, and only use premium parts for your car.

Audi vehicles have a proprietary service schedule designed by the manufacturer to ensure that they stay not only safe but also luxurious and fun.

Timing belts are often ignored due to cost. Unfortunately, letting an old timing belt snap is a large mistake that will lead to catastrophic engine failure. At DSA, you can always expect the fairest pricing and premium workmanship to ensure that your Audi and wallet stay happy and healthy.

We know your Audi in every respect. We have qualified technicians and high-grade tools and instruments to ensure your car is quickly and, more importantly, efficiently taken care of.

When customers bring their vehicles to us, often we see the same issues. This is due in large part to the fact that some parts and procedures always seem to break down after a while. The following is a list of vehicle problems that we see come through our doors every day:

  • Timing Belt – As far as engine parts go, the timing belt is both one of the most important pieces, and the most common fault. We can help assess the damage before it gets too bad and ensure you’re back on the road without letting it get to the worst.
  • Water Pumps – On newer models we see the plastic pumps that the manufacturer uses become faulty after less time than their previous versions. This is a problem that must be addressed as soon as it can be, because the potential problems are even worse.
  • Vacuum Pump – This is one of the newer procedures that the dealerships are throwing around, and we make sure that we can handle it to the best ability possible.
  • Top – End Reseal – Just like the vacuum pump, this is something that has started becoming a buzzword among Audi dealership repairs.

Because Audi engines are engineered to precision, we will only use the Audi approved oils for your engine to maintain our promise of “Dealer Quality Service.”

Non-specialty shops can occasionally fall short on some services that your Audi needs such as timing belts, brake fluid flushes, transmission services, spark plugs, and engine cleaning. At DSA we carry all the right computers and tools to ensure that we can service your Audi to the highest standards in the industry.

We will look at your vehicle’s needs by year and model and will perform the maintenance as required.

At Dealer Service Alternative, we strive to be Orlando’s best auto repair shop for Audi repair and maintenance services. We know that your Audi needs special care from trained professionals. We have all the necessary information, training, and quality to repair or service your Audi vehicles.

As more technology is introduced and integrated into vehicles, proper care and maintenance become more critical. Our staff of technicians works to provide you with high-quality repair services for all your issues. We ensure you will get the latest and most up-to-date driving experience that is possible.

If you’re an Audi owner in Orlando, call Dealer Service Alternative today. Speak with one of our specialists and see the benefits of high-quality repair work done. When you walk in our door, we don’t just see an Audi. We see a person who relies on their Audi for safe transportation and enjoyable road trips. We see an enthusiast with a passion for their car. There is no better place In Orlando than Dealer Service Alternative. That is why our auto repair shop has such great customer reviews.

For years, people have been trusting Dealer Service Alternative with their beautiful luxury performance vehicles for all their repair servicing needs. In turn, our dealership provides excellent quality service that is backed by an affordable price. Once you come to us for repair services, you will become part of the Dealer Service Alternative family. Our technicians will ensure you get the best possible service for your Audi.

Dealer Quality Service at a Friendly Price!

A Reliable Service Shop for Your Audi in Orlando

Providing the right care for your Audi is what the specialists at Dealer Service Alternative are here for. We have been servicing foreign vehicles for years, and our staff does not use the “one size fits all” approach that other mechanics use. Some dealerships may attempt to take that approach rather than take the time to understand what goes into each car.

At our dealership, we don’t believe in that; we take the time to provide you with the best repair services in Orlando. When it comes to maintenance for an Audi, it’s just as important to know what type of work needs to be done for the internal computer and technical components. In addition, it’s essential to know about fluids, service inspections, and when repairs are needed. At Dealer Service Alternative, you can count on our specialists to provide all of that and much more.

We know how valuable your time is, so we take extra care to make sure when we service your Audi, it’s done the correct way. At Dealer Service Alternative, it’s our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that keeps our customers coming back

Our Audi Repair Services include:

Engine Diagnosis & Repair
Computer Diagnostics
A/C Service & Repair
Electrical System Diagnostics & Repair
Brake System Repair
Suspension & Steering Repair
Cooling System Service & Repair
Check Engine Repair & Replacement
Oil Change
Transmission Repair
Engine Oil
Wiper/Washer/Headlight Washer
Tires and SPARE!
Reset service reminder display
Brake system performance
Cooling system
Check Engine diagnostics
Check for leaks in engine compartment
Electronic battery and charging system check
Inspect or change cabin filter
Transmission fluid and leak checks
Sunroof drains
Plenum Panel
Check all lights
Spark plugs
Timing belt
Brake fluid
Instead of spending time in a crowded Audi dealership for repair services in Orlando, let the Audi specialists at Dealer Service Alternative give your vehicle the quality it deserves. We give your vehicle the same level of work but at an independent shop price. We are also more affordable and provide personalized service that makes sure that your car receives what it needs. Whether it’s routine maintenance, repairs to the appearance, or performance to your Audi, you can count on Dealer Service Alternative.

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