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  • Pre-purchase inspection with full vehicle scan $139.95. Don’t risk thousands of dollars buying a vehicle without a professional inspection!

BMW Minor Services Starting at


Brake Flush


Coolant Flush


* Every Service includes a Complimentary Visual Inspection of your vehicle.

 Synthetic Oil change for all BMW Models

Mann Filter


If you want to continue enjoying your car or SUV as you journey around the greater Central Florida, Orlando, Winter Park and Oviedo; then keeping your “Performance Machine” in top condition is a must.

Here are a few recommendations to ensure that you will enjoy your car or SUV for years to come.

Why us?

Your BMW requires certain quality oils and filters to avoid service and repair. Most shops, including some BMW dealers, use lesser quality oils or filters than recommended by the manufacturer. BMW has a list of approved oils which are the only oils that should be used. At Dealer Service Alternative, we use nothing but the best, such as synthetic oil and OEM filters to keep your car running like as it should! Our certified BMW mechanics have your best interests in mind.

Service Intervals

Take your BMW to a reputable BMW service shop. Dealer Service Alternative has a great reputation in the Orlando area. We have qualified technicians, the proper equipment, and only use premium parts for your car.

Every vehicle has a service schedule designed by the manufactures to give you years of enjoyment. You cannot expect your BMW to perform and protect you if you don’t take care of it properly.

We know your car or SUV because it’s what we do all day and every day. Keeping your BMW in pristine condition comes with fixing every detail immediately before it becomes massive and more expensive. Simple repairs such as worn out brakes should be performed by qualified technicians to ensure the correct parts are used and proper scanners are available to reset the brake service light on your car. Regular maintenance allows your mechanic to check and service your tires, rims, suspension, ensure electrical system are in good working order, etc. These are all part of a standard BMW service.

There are other services your BMW needs that non-specialty shops may not be aware of: Cabin filter changes, Brake fluid flushes (one of the most misunderstood services in the industry), transmission services (people get confused with what “lifetime fill” means), Spark plugs (not at 100,000 miles as before), Carbon build up prevention. These are some of these services that, being so important, are too often forgotten. Add to that the expertise and equipment required to reset the service memory in the computer systems of your vehicle, and you can figure the importance of letting the experts work on your BMW.

Proper diagnostics

Your BMW is highly computerized. Your ABS, traction control, air conditioner, radio, navigation, etc. all work within a complex computer network that even involves fiber-optics. Make sure whoever is working on your vehicle is qualified to do so. When looking for the best BMW auto repair shop, it is imperative you find one with proper diagnostic equipment and the latest software to maintain the proper settings on your BMW.
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