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Choose Dealer Service Alternative for Your BMW Battery Replacement

If you are driving any model of BMW, you already know it is a high performance machine that is highly computerized. Like all of the parts that comprise a BMW, its battery is also a high performance component that stores the energy needed to operate the car’s electrical systems such as lights and CD player, in addition to turning over the engine every time you put the key into the ignition in order to start the vehicle. Replacing battery at the right time will help you avoid extensive BMW repairs.

When to Replace the Battery

Your BMW battery is designed to last anywhere between 5 and 7 years, especially if the battery is kept fully charged and you drive the vehicle daily or at least on a regular basis. But over time, even the best maintained battery will begin to lose its ability to hold a charge. And as the battery weakens, you may find it responding more slowly in starting the engine, especially in cold or sub-freezing weather. It’s a smart idea to be proactive about getting your battery tested if you think it’s low on charging before you get stranded on the roadway at the most inconvenient time.
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Battery Replacement Expense

Costs for replacing a BMW battery can be expensive if you take your vehicle to a dealer. And it’s penny-wise and pound foolish to attempt to replace the battery yourself. But there is a smart alternative for the BMW owner in the greater Orlando area. Dealer Service Alternative can provide you with the best quality BMW repair and service at a price you can afford.

Proper Diagnostics is Key

Because your BMW vehicle is highly computerized, you need a team of service technicians who are qualified to use the proper diagnostic equipment in order to determine if your vehicle simply needs battery maintenance or needs battery replacement. Our service technicians at Dealer Service Alternative provide you with that expertise, offering dealer quality service on battery repairs and replacements at a friendly price.

At Your Convenience

If the battery in your BMW automobile is at least four years old, it’s a good idea to call our service department at 407-673-7842 to schedule a battery check-up by one of our certified BMW mechanics. They will use the proper diagnostic equipment to determine whether or not your battery is still capable of holding a full charge, if there are any issues with your current battery that can be solved by cleaning the terminals, or if it is time for a battery replacement at a reasonable cost, using only premium BMW parts. We are open Monday through Saturday for your convenience.

Benefit from Our Reputation

Dealer Service Alternative is proud to have earned a stellar reputation in the automotive repair category in the greater Orlando area. We only hire certified technicians so you can rest assured that when you bring in your vehicle for battery service or replacement, you are getting top-notch, experienced talent who will provide an honest assessment of whether or not it is time to replace your BMW battery.

Servicing All Models

No matter what model of BMW high performance vehicle you are driving, our service team at Dealer Service Alternative can answer all of your questions regarding battery issues. In addition, we can recommend the best replacement options so you can continue to enjoy a stellar driving experience without the hassle of having the battery go dead at a time and place when you least expect it. At Dealer Service Alternative, we know that you expect the best since BMW is your choice of vehicle to take you where you want to go. And we deliver the best in all of our battery diagnostic and replacement services!

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