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Among the crowded luxury automobile landscape, a BMW still stands out as an impressively engineered and crafted machine. With a tradition of being crafted with exquisite attention to detail, BMWs remain singularly impressive — both under the hood as well as on the outside. What many BMW owners may not be aware of, though, is that a BMW’s transmission is quite possibly its most complex component. This piece works hand-in-hand with the other elements in a BMW to provide for that signature acceleration. Checking the transmission at the right intervals will help you avoid extensive BMW repairs.

Several types of automatic and manual transmissions are integrated by BMW into their vehicles. In the past few years, two main types of transmission, the DCT and SMG, have become common.

The Dual Clutch Transmission explained

A BMW with a Dual Clutch Transmission –- or DCT — offers some distinct advantages over both a traditional manual and a traditional automatic transmission. Two input shafts –- one for odd number gears and the other for even numbered — are operated by two clutches controlled by a computer. One advantage here is the swiftness and efficiency of gear shifts. This happens because one clutch can begin a shift without waiting for the opposite clutch to fully release. Without either a manually operated clutch pedal or torque converter, the DCT incorporates the best of an automatic and manual transmission into one package.

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The SMG or Sequential Manual Gearbox explained

Similar in many ways to a DCT, the Sequential Manual Gearbox transmission of some newer BMW models incorporates a sophisticated computer with a single input shaft and clutch. A hydraulic mechanism operates the clutch and input shaft per the transmission computer’s instructions. The SMG allows for rides at higher speeds that are smooth, safe and very satisfying.

The Importance of servicing your BMW’s transmission

The overall health of your BMW’s transmission depends mainly upon two factors: the transmission filter and transmission fluid. This fluid reduces wear upon moving parts inside the mechanism and also alleviates overheating issues. However, transmission fluid sometimes becomes contaminated with tiny metallic bits which can be detrimental to the smooth functioning and overall health of the transmission.

A BMW’s transmission filter is intended to capture these metallic particles and any other abrasive bits to prevent them from circulating throughout the transmission via the lubricant and causing havoc. Again, while BMWs are known for the quality of their transmissions, it should be clear now that a BMW’s transmission deserves checkups to keep these two items –- fluid and filter — in good working order and thus greatly prolong the life and maintain the health of one’s BMW.

Because it is such a vital and intricate component, a BMW’s transmission should never be ignored when it comes time to service one’s vehicle. Of course, a BMW transmission is going to likely last for tens of thousands of miles before service on this particular part is needed.

However, there are some warning signs that could indicate a developing transmission problem with your BMW. The transmission fluid is red. If it begins to change to brown, it needs replacement. Additionally, buzzing sounds, unusual noises and the smell of burnt rubber can indicate a problem with your BMW’s transmission. In general, the older the transmission fluid the less cooling properties it has. Overheating is the most common problem with transmissions. This can be easily thwarted by bringing in your BMW to be evaluated for early warning signs.

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