Maintenance Costs

What To Expect When Repairing/Maintaining Your BMW

The BMW is regarded as the “ultimate driving machine”. The excitement brought on by the slogan is accompanied with the typically higher cost of maintaining a high-performance automobile.

BMW maintenance costs are not black-and-white. There are many factors that will determine the cost of maintaining your BMW. These include the age of the vehicle, the car’s current operating condition, as well as the specific model of BMW you happen to own.

An important way to minimize your BMW repair costs is to keep up with required maintenance.

Maintaining Your BMW

A good rule of thumb to use when determining BMW maintenance frequency is to get the car serviced every 10,000 miles. If you happen to drive less than 10,000 miles a year, make sure to get service at least annually.

Minor maintenance services (oil changes, filter change, full inspection) typically start at $99.00 a visit, while major service such as transmission can start at $400.00.

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Invest in Your Brakes

Brake maintenance is an area often overlooked by BMW owners. Replacing brake pads ahead of time will save you money down the road, as improper replacement of pads will require costly brake rotor replacements more often than required.

It is also to remember when it comes to brakes, “you get what you pay for”.

Buying the cheapest brake pads will likely cost you more money down the road as they will have to be replaced more often. Purchasing aftermarket brake pads and rotors is also not a good idea, as braking system parts not specially designed for BMWs will not work as effectively.

The Cost of a BMW Oil Change

BMWs use high performance motor oil. No all Synthetic oils are approved to be used on your BMW. A BMW engine typically requires 7 to 9 liters.

If you drive an older BMW model, make sure to remember these vehicles use mineral based oils, and much be replaced as such. We always ensure the proper oil is used in your vehicle.

Cost of Replacement BMW Keys

Electronic keys have made life more efficient, but they can commonly fail, requiring you to have extra sets as backup. You can order replacement keys direct from BMW North America, or through us here at Dealer Service Alternative. Keys typically cost between $70-$220.

The Cost to Repair a BMW

BMW repair costs vary on the severity and complexity of the part/system that requires repair.

When properlly maintained, Your BMW maintenance cost should be very similar to other brands. Some times cheaper due to timing chains instead of belts. These do not require schedule maintenance.

BMW Extended Warranty: Worth The Money?

It is important to remember extended warranties are priced in the warranty provider’s favor. It is important to read the fine print of your warranty, and confirm that the number of repairs explicitly covered in the warranty justify the price of purchase.
Some warranties are so bad, that some shops will refuse to work with them. We will help with recommendations as of wich warranties are the best based on our experience.

There are limited extended warranties available for older model BMWs (typically catastrophic coverage). Be careful with these types of warranties, as they be priced in such a way that does not make them cost effective relative to paying for repairs out of pocket.

For your BMW maintenance and repair needs, we here Dealer Service Alternative will be more than happy to provide you a detailed estimate. Choosing Dealer Service Alternative will always save you money on repairs relative to BMW Dealership service centers.

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