Please beware of people coming to you offering fast repairs of your vehicle damages caused by the storm. Specially if you do not already know these people. I have heard of cars taken, insurance filled and vehicles not being repaired properly leaving the owner with a broke or worse, an unsafe vehicle. Call your insurance yourself to start a claim. DO NOT just accept what repair shop your insurance tells you to take it to. Make sure is a body shop with great reviews or better yet, CERTIFIED by the manufacturer of your vehicle (see my prior posts to see why).
There will be tons of flood damaged vehicles hitting the road for cheap! Some will be re-build titles, some will have a branded Car-fax, but worse, some will be repair at cheap body shops that do not report the damages and you can end up buying an shiny paper weight for a car!

Let a professional inspect the car BEFORE you buy it!

Stay safe and feel free to ask us any questions on these matters!

– The DSA family