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Common Problems

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To avoid buying these common problems:

Pre-Purchase inspection: Before you buy what looks like a really good deal, let us inspect the vehicle. A comprehensive 50 point mechanical inspection and full electronic scan with factory level diagnostic equipment will give you peace of mind before you buy and can save you from spending thousands on a good looking lemon. (additional diagnostic charges may apply if problems are found during inspection that the customer wants us to diagnose in full).

• Mercedes E-Class, SLS, S-class as well as R-class rear air springs (suspension) leaks

• Mercedes E-Class or S-class and other models front air strut leaks

• BMW DSC (Brake Pump) failure? We are able to re-build the unit and save you hundreds

• BMW E90, 91, 92 Steering angle sensor failure

• BMW electric water pumps and thermostat failures can be detected with a vehicle scan

• BMW valve body (mechatronics) failure. We can use a re-build unit and save you a lot

• Mercedes-Benz suspension issues such as trust arm bushings, control arms or a simple improper alignment

• BMW bushings can be replaced instead of the entire arm in most cases

• Mercedes-Benz valve body, EIS and most anti-theft components. We can help. We are licensed and insured to obtain these parts and save you money

Audi timing belts. Replace before they break and cost you thousands more to fix

• Audi water plastic water pump failures on newer models

Volkswagen water pumps and timing belts failing can cost you thousands if not addressed on time

• Audi fuel pumps or electronic controllers, we can diagnose them without guess work

• Volkswagen high pressure fuel pump or just the sensor. We have the equipment and expertise to resolve

• BMW exhaust smoke, can be a simple PVC repair or an expensive valve job. We can help

Synthetic Oil changes for BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and others


Car Repair* Recommended full basic service starting from $99.95-149.95 depending on vehicle will include oil change, battery test, suspension, tires, brakes and other necessary inspections and re-setting of the service counter

** Some repairs using re-manufactured parts with at least 3 year parts warranty. Same company than Mercedes USA is using on some of their own re-manufactured products and only give you a one year warranty!

++ Prices may vary based on the make and model of your vehicle. Request a quote or call us for an estimate.

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