New cars are a significant investment, especially in today’s market. When you first purchase your new car, you probably don’t have to worry about repairs as many new vehicles come with repair packages for the first year or two. However, once that package has ended, where should you go for servicing or repairs? 

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Should I Go to a Dealership or an Independent Mechanic?

Many dealerships offer repair and maintenance packages right after you purchase your car, so it makes sense that you would want to take advantage of this while it lasts. However, once that package has reached its limit, you’re often left wondering if you should continue going to the dealership for repairs or if an independent mechanic is a better choice.

In many cases, an independent mechanic is often the right decision. While dealerships may boast specialized parts and brand-specific technology, they often lack expertise in other areas and may even charge more than necessary for a simple repair.

Why Should I Go to an Independent Mechanic?

We Use OEM Parts

Your dealership has probably told you that they’re the only ones around with the original parts and OEM accessories. In many cases, though, this simply isn’t true. We use all OEM parts and accessories just like at the dealership. Whether you’re looking for new tires or you want to add a new roof rack, we can get the same OEM parts as any dealership would.

We Have More Experience

Dealerships often act as an entryway for young mechanics which means they don’t have a team that’s as experienced. While everyone needs to start somewhere, you probably don’t want to risk your new vehicle.

With a regular mechanic shop, you’ll find many more experienced mechanics that have been on the job for years. Our professionals have industry-specific certifications to show our levels of experience and reassure you that you’ll be getting high-quality, professional service.

Wider Knowledge

Dealership mechanics are usually trained only to handle a specific brand of car, whereas our mechanics have extensive knowledge of a wide range of brands and models. This broader knowledge often means that our mechanics will be able to recognize and fix a problem in your car faster than a dealership mechanic would.

Experienced mechanics will be able to analyze any car and recognize the problem. Rather than limited knowledge on a single brand or a handful of models, we can help with any car, meaning you can bring in any of your vehicles no matter what make, model, or brand they are.

Personalized Care

Local mechanics aren’t focused on finishing a job and moving on. We care about you and your car and will take great care to ensure that we solve the problem. With a local mechanic, you’ll receive much more personalized care and even form a better relationship with your mechanic. This in turn leads to higher trust and you’ll feel more comfortable leaving your car in their hands.

Easier to Reach

Local mechanics are often easier to get a hold of and more flexible. Whether you need to change your pick-up or drop-off time or you want to add on an extra service, a mechanic shop is much more likely to accommodate your needs than a dealership. Additionally, you won’t have to navigate a confusing series of answering machines and AI service assistants to speak with someone regarding your car.


Taking advantage of your dealership repair and maintenance package is a great idea for as long as it lasts. Once the package is expired, though, it’s often in your best interest to look into a local mechanic that can take care of repairs from there. 

Not only will you receive more personalized care and attention, you’ll benefit from our experienced mechanics and friendly staff. In fact, our service department even has a welcoming, comfortable lounge where you can enjoy our big screen TV, WiFi, and complimentary bottled water and coffee. Additionally, we even offer on-site rental pick-up at a great price. With Dealer Service Alternative, you’re getting the same level of service as an authorized dealer and more!