Mercedes Check Engine Light

Mercedes Benz Check Engine Light

Understanding Your Mercedes Check Engine Light

Here is some information to help you decide what to do if the check engine light in your Mercedes comes on.

What is the check engine light used for?

When the check engine light in your Mercedes comes on it means that your car’s computer has determined that there is a malfunction in any component of your emission system, engine or transmission, and you may need Orlando Mercedes repair.

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It’s important to note if the engine light in your Mercedes is flashing or solid.

If your check engine light is flashing, this indicates a more serious problem that requires immediate attention, like engine misfires that can cause catalytic converter problems or engine damage. You need an auto technician to diagnose and repair your Mercedes prevent further engine damage and mechanical failure. When a flashing check engine light is on, it may not be safe to continue driving a long distance. If your temperature gauge is more than the normal or in the red zone, get to a safe area, like a parking lot or gas station. If you’re on the freeway, pull over and turn your hazard lights on. If you have a roadside assistance plan, call them for help. Consider having your car towed to a local Mercedes Benz repair shop like Dealer Service Alternative in Orlando right away.

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When the check engine light is solid, that may indicate an emissions only problem that still needs attention, like tightening your gas cap, a bad oxygen sensor, etc. You may be able to drive short distances on a solid engine light. If you’re close to a gas station or auto parts store, they may be able to use an ODB2 scanner to read your vehicle’s trouble code. With that information, you can decide if it’s safe to continue driving and make an appointment to bring your car into the Mercedes repair shop.

The oxygen sensor regulates the mix of fuel and oxygen in your engine, and over time can become compromised by an accumulation of ash. Eventually, its effectiv

  • Loose or damaged fuel cap, which may need to be tightened after you fill up.
  • Faulty oxygen O2 sensor, which causes poor fuel economy.
  • Ignition coil failure, causing the engine to run roughly.
  • Bad catalytic converter that makes your Mercedes feel sluggish when driving.
  • Mass airflow sensor malfunction can cause overheating and reduced fuel economy.
  • Bad spark plugs and plug wires or coils, which cause engine misfiring.
  • EVAP issues including a faulty solenoid or control valve.eness decreases and the check engine light may turn on.

Please note that if the oxygen sensor is the cause of the check engine light, it’s important to get it in for service as soon as possible. Driving for prolonged stretches with a faulty oxygen sensor will do damage to your catalytic converter, which is one of the more costly auto repairs.

If you go to an auto parts store, they may give you a printout with the codes, an explanation of what they mean and a list of products and parts they sell that are related to those codes. You can take a gamble and try to fix it, but proper diagnosis may require smoke tests, electrical pinpoint tests, or additional values you can get with a full diagnostic system, is the way to ensure you are not wasting money, or worse, get you stranded down the road

Keep in mind that the check engine light will not tell you what is wrong or how to fix it. It will create and store ODB2 codes that will help your Mercedes repair technician find the exact source of the problem and repair your car the right way. So, don’t try to buy any parts, fuel additives, or engine treatments thinking that it will solve your problem. And, don’t let anyone other than a Mercedes repair specialist reset your check engine light.

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