Flexible Service System

Understanding Your Mercedes Benz Flexible Service System

Regular service and scheduled maintenance will help you keep your Mercedes-Benz vehicle in top performing condition. You can avoid unnecessary Mercedes-Benz repairs and prevent unexpected mechanical breakdowns when you follow the inspection and repair schedule outlined in the Flexible Service System. For some Mercedes-Benz models, the Flexible Service Systems gives you two service levels, A and B with recommendations based on where and how you drive, as well as your vehicle’s features.

Flexible Service System Schedule A

Schedule A is considered basic service. During schedule A, your brakes, tires, and engine components will be inspected. Also, the passenger compartment functions will be checked, and estimates given when repairs are necessary.

Services provided under Schedule A include:

Inspect the brakes and brake pads and linings
Inspect tires for proper condition and adjust pressures
Check brakes and brake performance
Change engine oil and oil filter
Check brake, windshield washer fluid levels and top off as needed
Test battery condition
Inspect interior lighting including warning and indicator lamps
Inspect windshield wiper and washer operating systems
Check headlamp cleaning system

Additionally, the FFS (Message indicator in instrument cluster) reset

Flexible Service System Schedule B

Schedule B is your extended service schedule and includes an underbody inspection along with a more detailed engine, brake, tire, and passenger compartment inspections, replacement for the cabin filter, replacement of wipers and at our facility, a full vehicle scan with a factory level scanner.

Services provided under Schedule B include:

Everything included in the A service
Replace front wipers and cabin filters
Rotate tires if necessary
Inspect all suspension components
Check and adjust all fluids
Check hood safety catch and hinge condition
Inspect for leaks and damage in the engine compartment
Inspect steering components and boots, and front axle ball joints and rubber boots

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Occasionally, you may see an indicator for C-H service levels. Yourservice center and repair technician will test and advise you of any additional maintenance or service required.
If you own a diesel model, you’ll also have your fuel filter replaced and AdBlue fluid will be replenished (for an additional charge).
If your vehicle has a V12 engine, consult with the service technician about special maintenance needs.
You’ll start to see service messages around one month before service is due. When you turn on the ignition, the Mercedes Benz multifunction display will show:

• Service in xx days
• Service in xx miles
• Service due now

Check the speedometer display for:

• Basic service (A)
• Extended service (B)

If you continue driving beyond the suggested service interval, you hear an audible warning along with a display message:

• Service exceeded by xx days or miles

Depending on your driving habits, your vehicle may calculate an oil service interval at different mileage intervals. Even if you drive low mileage, you should get maintenance at least yearly. Some common conditions that affect your service interval are:

• Extreme temperatures
• Trailer towing
• Frequent stop and go driving
• Short trips without proper engine warm-up
• Frequent driving in dusty or muddy terrain
• Driving in high altitude mountain areas

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With the Flexible Service System, you’ll be notified when it’s time for service based on time and mileage. It takes the guesswork out of vehicle maintenance. You’ll know exactly what to expect from your certified Mercedes Benz technician when you come in for service.