Mercedes Service A

Mercedes Benz Flexible Service System (FSS)

Mercedes Benz vehicles made during and after 1998 fall under those that follow a FSS, otherwise known as a Flexible Service System. These models need Mercedes Benz repair FSS services for the life of the vehicle. The commonly known types of services this includes are called Schedule A and Schedule B, but they can even extend to Schedule H. FSS services vary depending on the vehicle class and age, as well as the model. For the Service A Mercedes categories, you need to go for the inspection after 10,000 miles and every subsequent 20,000 miles or whenever the instrument panel message alerts you to do so. Following the warning for maintenance on the dashboard is the best way to time your FSS intervals. These models have cut-down indicator messages that are set to alert a month or 900 miles before the service is due to prepare you. When your vehicle interval time is depleted, you will receive a warning message indicating that Service A is due that time. In case you exceed the FSS date, your car indicator will show signals stating that you are certain days past the interval.

These services may also be referred to as can also find them as Flex A and Flex B. Our Service B schedule is more extensive than Service A schedule. Our long-term service delivery to Mercedes Benz users has given us enough experience to know what your vehicle requires at what time. This are some, but not all, of the tasks Dealer Service Alternative offers for the Flex A for our client’s Mercedes Benz.

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Dealer Service Alternative offers the following tasks for the Flex A for our client’s Mercedes Benz.

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Inspection of the headlamp, windshield wipers, and washer system
  • Seatbelts, indicators, warning lamps, and horn are inspected for functionality.
  • Check the thickness of the brake pads and the condition of the disc
  • Examine and correct (where appropriate) all fluid levels
  • Tire inspection and examination your vehicle’s tire pressure, spare included

Our maintenance services depend on the model year and class of your Benz. Almost all Mercedes Benz models need regular filter replacement, especially, the C-class, CLK, E-class, and SLK models. These special German vehicles require owners to know vital information on maintenance in order to keep it performing up to standards. Your vehicle requires high levels of services and repair habits for it to offer you the desired functions.


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Oil information for your Mercedes

At Dealer Service Alternative, we advise our Mercedes service customers to use synthetic oils instead of standard oil for their vehicles. Some makes can use standard, conventional oils but most Mercedes Benz vehicles require high-class synthetic oils for its performance. When using more efficient oil, Mercedes Benz cars canoffer performance at a higher level compared to other makes. Dealer Service Alternative encourages Mercedes owners to have their oil changed after every 7,500to 10,000 miles depending on your model.

German made Mercedes Benz vehicles are one of the best car brands in the world. We offer service for models that are highly ranked in the automobile market. Dealer Service Alternative caters to all your needs by coming up with best maintenance services for your vehicle. We are located on E Colonial Dr, Orlando. Call us today on 407 673 7842 to schedule an appointment at our office from 8AM to 6PM on Monday – Friday and 8AM to 5PM on Saturday every week.

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