Mercedes Service B

Mercedes Service B

Over time, Mercedes-Benz put more focus on cleaner air quality and extended services. They designed the MBMS (Mercedes Benz Maintenance System). This advanced system created the on dash oil readings. It alerts owners to when maintenance is needed. Depending on the specific warning from the vehicle determines if it is time for a particular scheduled maintenance. Regardless of the year, model or on board service system, you do not want to ignore the notification. Routine maintenance and Mercedes repair extends the life of your investment.

Scheduled maintenance, depending upon the Mercedes-Benz year and model, will generally require alternating A and B services at around 10,000 miles for the life of the auto. In the latest models these services are not called A and B. Dealer Service Alternative can perform these services and keep your auto running like new.

Your Mercedes Benz will eventually require what is typically referred to as Service B. This is part of your vehicle’s regular scheduled maintenance. Often owners are not quite sure exactly what this service is and what it entails. Your luxury German automobile should be serviced and repaired by our reputable certified technicians. At Dealer Service Alternative, we promise to provide our customers with “Dealer Quality Service at a Friendly Price”.

The Mercedes Benz 2nd required routine inspection is known as Flex B (service B) for most models. Some of the 2003 through 2004 models it is called the Flexible Service System Plus. Either way, these services are performed according to the mileage of the vehicle. Per usual, your vehicle will give you that maintenance reminder notification on your dash.

Dealer Quality Service at a Friendly Price!

These are some of the items included in a Flex B service.

Flex B Inspection Check-list:

  • Cooling system lines, hoses antifreeze level and corrosion protection
  • Braking system pads, discs, lines, hoses and fluid
  • Traction Control
  • Battery- battery tester used to verify condition (includes auxiliary battery if equipped)
  • Flex disks
  • Drive Belt


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Fluids and Lights:
  • Look for leaks around major components: Check for damage to vehicle underside or the engine compartment
  • Hood hinges: Catch, and safety catch are checked for proper operation
  • Lights: All lights and bulbs
  • Wipers: Blades, washer system, headlamp cleaning system and rear window wiper and washer, if equipped
  • Washer Fluid: Check unit for leaks, replace fluid or refill per necessity
  • Steering System: Tie rod play, joints and rubber boots
  • Seat Belts: Proper operation of belts and buckles
  • Parking Brake: Checks for proper functioning
  • Suspension: Front axle check, rubber boots and ball joints
  • Tires: Measured for tread depth (includes spare if equipped), checked for splits or damage, check tire pressure and adjust if necessary, check tire sealant expiration if equipped
  • Headlamps: Inspect and adjust if required
  • Engine: Oil change and oil filter replacement
  • Service Indicators: Reset for next reminder

After one of our certified technicians completes the above check-list, anything that needs to be repaired or replaced, such as tires, hoses or a bulb will be discussed with you prior to completion of the work. This way, if additional costs are required for any repairs or replacements needed, the details will be thoroughly reviewed with you and authorized received before we proceed.

Your vehicle, no matter the mileage, should still be inspected per the service messages. It protects your auto and your investment. Ride on the roads safely. Let us take care of all of your service needs today! Dealer Service Alternative can take care of all the service needs for your Mercedes Benz.

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