Mercedes Classes

There are currently 19 different types of Mercedes Model Classes and we have included a list of them for your convenience below. If you are in the market for a new or used Mercedes, feel free to give us a call. We’ll happily discuss which model class is the most dependable, most sporty, or most luxurious. Whether you live in Orlando or Winter Park Repair, our friendly staff will gladly help you find your next vehicle or repair the Mercedes you have now. For further information, please visit the Winter Park Mercedes Repair section on our website.

A-Class Sedan

A 220 Sedan – An advanced vehicle that has some power to it. This car is turbopowered with a bold style, innovative luxury, and advanced safety.
A 200 4Matic Sedan – This model comes equipped with a high-tech cockpit that can respond to your every touch.

C-Class Sedan

C 300 Sedan – Acclaimed for its sporting soul, impeccably detailed cabin and class-leading innovation.
C 300 4Matic Sedan – Has an advanced driver assist and a rich, roomy cabin that is matched with a 255-hp turbo engine and all-wheel drive.
AMG C 43 Sedan – Deeply infused with AMG performance from its 385-hp bistro V6 to its quick-shifting 9-speed transmission.
AMG C 63 Sedan – A handcrafted bitrubo V8 and paddle-shifted multi-clutch 9-speed and is able to put 469 hp in your hands.
AMG C 63 S Sedan – An aggressive new style that delivers advanced new technologies.

E-Class Sedan

E 350 Sedan – With a smooth turbo power and a sensuous cabin, it previews a future you can enjoy today.
E 350 4Matic Sedan – Brisk turbo power that is delivered with the year-round handling confidence of all-wheel drive.
E 450 4Matic Sedan – With industry-advancing innovations in safety, connectivity, and driving ease, the E-450 raises the bar for advancement.
AMG E 53 Sedan – The classic inline-6 returns in futuristic form: a turbocharged beltless engine with EQ Boost electric assist.
AMG E 63 S Sedan – The E 63 S Sedan is one of the quickest Mercedes-AMG models on the market.


S 450 Sedan – This car advances the standards for style, safety, and innovative luxury.
S450 4Matic Sedan – Has bitturbo, all-wheel drive, and an adaptive air suspension.
S 560 Sedan – With a bitturbo V6 and self-leveling air suspension, the S-560 takes to any road with an elegant air of authority.
S 560 4Matic Sedan – Along with all-wheel drive and a bitturbo V8, it previews benefits all cars may someday offer.
AMG S 63 Sedan – Has 603 handcrafted horsepower and torque-vectoring AMG Performance 4Matic all-wheel drive.
AMG S 65 Sedan – Has handcrafted 621-hp biturbo V12 teams with a road scanning curve-tilting and fully active suspension.

CLA Coupe

CLA 250 Coupe – Turbo power, sport seats, and a tech-rich cabin are backed up by advanced safety, driver assists, and connectivity.
CLA 250 4Matic Coupe – Offers irresistible value, seductive style, and legendary innovation.
AMG CLA 45 Coupe – The most powerful 4-cylinder in production sends its 375-handcrafted turbo-boosted horses to all four of its AMG wheels.

E-Class Coupe

E 450 Coupe – The romance of the only pillarless coupe in its class meets a passion for innovation and performance
E 450 4Matic Coupe – With its wind-carved pillarless profile and nimble 4Matic all-wheel drive, the E 450 Coupe steps bodily ahead in style and with confidence.

Mercedes- AMG GT

AMG GT Coupe – Developed from the racetrack up to be a pure sports car, the AMG GT Coupe’s 469-hp dry-sump bitturbo V8 and rear transaxle help create an ideal balance of lightweight and a masterful mix of control, confidence, and composure.

G-Class SUV

G 550 SUV – The G 550 is completely redesigned. It’s more spacious, advanced, and luxurious.

B-Class Sedan

W 245 – Newer model engines conform to Euro IV emission standards. Available in both 5- and 6-speed manual.
W 246 – Upgraded to 6- or 7- speed dual clutch transmission. Lower drag coefficient and improved safety systems.
W 247 – This newest model features semi-automated driving that borrows heavily from the S-Class series.

CLS Class

C 219 CLS – Shares major components with W 211 E-Class, but has been improved upon in minor ways.
C 218 CLS – Available in all-wheel drive and attractive to those seeking adventure, this 4-door or 5-door coupe features design and engine enhancements.
C 257 CLS – This is the third-generation model and available with less customization. It only came in all-wheel drive and 4-door.


X 156 – The long-anticipated wait for these has orders arriving long before cars landed in showrooms. Features cosmetic redesigns and more.
H 247 – Extended wheelbase with roomier interior. Up to 8-speed automatic transmission is available, and no manual transmission option is available for this model.


X 247 – Squared SUV with 8-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. All gas vehicles, but there is a plug-in hybrid system that can be fitted to the GLB.


X 253 / C 253 – Comes in different body styles: Coupe or SUV. Each model has 5-doors. Newest models have larger digital cockpit and new steering wheel.


W 166 – Plug-In hybrid SUV with 333 HP V6 engine and a 116 HP electric motor.
C 292 – This is one of the quickest models of its type with a twin turbo V8 that produces 585 bhp and 769 Nm of torque.
V 167 – Two engine options are available with this model and there is even an option to choose an SUV that has seven seats.


X 164 – Full-Size SUV that has seven seats and V8 petrol engine. All models have all-wheel drive.
X 166 – New high tech features were included; for example, engine start/stop system, drive by wire steering, and even turbocharged engines.
X 167 – Larger and wider wheelbase for more space. Improved engine options with a 2.9-liter twin-turbo diesel.


W 198 / W 121 – Oldied but goodies with classic roadster coupe appearance with 4-speed manual transmission.
W 113 – Newly design convertible hardtop option with interior changes made to update the appearance
R 107 – More modern brakes and larger discs installed. Overall updated model to protect from rust. Largest engine size is 3.5 L V8.
R 129 – This convertible roadster has an automatic rollbar deployment in case of a rollover. More modern versions saw facelifts to tail lamps and turn signals.
R 230 – Retractable hardtop instead of the typical convertible type in this model. Features a 5.0 liter V8 engine in the SL 55 AMG. Speed sensitive steering system was introduced in the 2008 and later models.


R 170 – This model is the first-generation compact roadster by the brand. Strong return to four cylinders and an attractive facelift.
R 171 – Tough car made of steel, yet is highly aerodynamic and maintains its torsional strength.
R 172 – Came with a variety of options like window tint, V6 or V8, sunroof, or inline-four. It was eventually renamed to SLC-Class.


W 638 – Great family car with large seating capacity and spacious interior. Smaller, more car-like versions became available later.
W 639 – Spacious and great for families. Back seats can be rotated to face one another. This model can carry up to 8 people.
W 447 – Body style is 4-door van or minibus and can be found in extra-long variants. It also features updated LED exterior lights.


GT 43 – This 4-door coupe has a M256 3.9L supercharged inline-six engine. Accelerate from 0-62 mph in 4.9-seconds with whopping top speeds of 168 mph.
GT 53 – Upgraded and better equipped than the 43. Faster too, reaching 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds and hitting top speeds of 177 mph.
GT 63 – Top of the line with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Drift Mode directs power to the rear wheels. Cylinder deactivation mode allows you more control and better efficacy.
GT 73 – The hybrid version of the GT4 lineup. More adaptive and sportier than other models in this series. More efficient as well.


X 200-350d – Comes in three trim levels and available in manual and automatic speeds.