Mercedes in Winter Park Repair

Mercedes in Winter Park Repair

A-Class Sedan

A 220 Sedan – An advanced vehicle that has some power to it. This car is turbopowered with a bold style, innovative luxury, and advanced safety.

A 200 4Matic Sedan – Comes equipped with a high-tech cockpit that can respond to your every touch.

C-Class Sedan

C 300 Sedan – Acclaimed for its sporting soul, impeccably detailed cabin and class-leading innovation.

C 300 4Matic Sedan – Has an advanced driver assist and a rich, roomy cabin that is matched with a 255-hp turbo engine and all-wheel drive.

AMG C 43 Sedan – Deeply infused with AMG performance from its 385-hp bistro V6 to its quick-shifting 9-speed transmission.

AMG C 63 Sedan – A handcrafted bitrubo V8 and paddle-shifted multi-clutch 9-speed and is able to put 469 hp in your hands.

AMG C 63 S Sedan – An aggressive new style that delivers advanced new technologies.

E-Class Sedan

E 350 Sedan – With a smooth turbo power and a sensuous cabin, it previews a future you can enjoy today.

E 350 4Matic Sedan – Brisk turbo power that is delivered with the year-round handling confidence of all-wheel drive.

E 450 4Matic Sedan – With industry-advancing innovations in safety, connectivity, and driving ease, the E-450 raises the bar for advancement.

AMG E 53 Sedan – The classic inline-6 returns in futuristic form: a turbocharged beltless engine with EQ Boost electric assist.

AMG E 63 S Sedan – The E 63 S Sedan is one of the quickest Mercedes-AMG models on the market.


S 450 Sedan – This car advances the standards for style, safety, and innovative luxury.

S450 4Matic Sedan – Has bitturbo, all-wheel drive, and an adaptive air suspension.

S 560 Sedan – With a bitturbo V6 and self-leveling air suspension, the S-560 takes to any road with an elegant air of authority.

S 560 4Matic Sedan – Along with all-wheel drive and a bitturbo V8, it previews benefits all cars may someday offer.

AMG S 63 Sedan – Has 603 handcrafted horsepower and torque-vectoring AMG Performance 4Matic all-wheel drive.

AMG S 65 Sedan – Has handcrafted 621-hp biturbo V12 teams with a roadscanning curve-tilting and fully active suspension.

CLA Coupe

CLA 250 Coupe – Turbo power, sport seats, and a tech-rich cabin are backed up by advanced safety, driver assists, and connectivity.

CLA 250 4Matic Coupe – Offers irresistible value, seductive style, and legendary innovation.

AMG CLA 45 Coupe – The most powerful 4-cylinder in production sends its 375 handcrafted turbo-boosted horses to all four of its AMG wheels.

E-Class Coupe

E 450 Coupe – The romance of the only pillarless coupe in its class meets a passion for innovation and performance.

E 450 4Matic Coupe – With its wind-carved pillarless profile and nimble 4Matic all-wheel drive, the E 450 Coupe steps bodily ahead in style and with confidence.

Mercedes- AMG GT

AMG GT Coupe – Developed from the racetrack up to be a pure sports car, the AMG GT Coupe’s 469-hp dry-sump bitturbo V8 and rear transaxle help create an ideal balance of lightweight and a masterful mix of control, confidence, and composure.

G-Class SUV

G 550 SUV – The G 550 is completely redesigned. It’s more spacious, advanced, and luxurious.

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