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Dealer Quality Porsche Services and Maintenance

Whether you have a new Porsche or an older model, we have techs that are capable of providing you the best care and maintenance to get you safely back out on the road. You should have your Porsche regularly looked at to ensure that there is nothing upcoming that will catch you unprepared.
When you bring your Porsche to Dealer Service Alternative, you’re coming to a reputable service shop that does things properly the first time. Not only is our reputation in the Orlando area fantastic, but our technicians are highly qualified on all makes and models of German vehicles, and we use only premium parts and the right equipment.

Porsche vehicles all have a recommended service schedule that is designed by the manufacturer. The reason these exist is so that you are prepared for anything that could happen, and you can address them before they become and issue. This not only keeps your vehicle safe, but it keeps it highly luxurious and fun. One of these intervals involves the timing belt, which is often ignored by most owners because of their cost. Unfortunately, having a timing belt go bad can result in it snapping and ultimately lead to engine failure. At Dealer Service Alternative, you can expect the highest quality workmanship at very fair pricing to ensure that your Porsche stays in great working condition. We have technicians who are trained on Porsche vehicles specifically, and therefore we will work our hardest to keep you happy.

We get vehicles coming through our doors every day, and we tend to see the same issues more commonly than others. The reason for this is that certain parts and procedures are just prone to breaking down after a while. Below are a list of the things we see most often with Porsches that we can help fix for you.

  • Water Pumps – After Timing Belts, the water pumps are incredibly common to go bad. We see that some newer models use plastic pumps, which will fault much faster than the previous versions. This is an issue that must be addressed immediately.
  • Overheating – Whether it’s the water pump, the radiator, or the hose, a coolant leak is another one we commonly see.
  • Brakes and Shocks – When it comes to your car, the ability for it to stop and control bumps easily can mean the difference between driving comfortably and a serious accident. DO NOT wait on these services, as they are very dangerous if left alone

If you’re looking for an oil change, look no further, because we use only Porsche approved oils for your engine in order to maintain our promise of “Dealer Quality Service.”

When you take your car to a specialty shop like ours, you avoid the potential hazards of the non-specialty shops falling short. Whether it’s your timing belt, transmission, brake fluid flushes, spark plugs, engine cleaning, struts, IMS bearing failure, control arms, oil separators, or any other service, do not choose a non-specialty shop. At DSA we carry all the right computers and tools to ensure that we can service your Porsche to the highest standards in the industry.

Dealer Quality Service at a Friendly Price!

Below are a list of maintenance issues that we can address for you:

Oil Change – We change your oil and replace your filter
Wiper/Washer/Headlight Washer – We check adjustment and function, and will add fluid if necessary
Tire Check (including Spare)! – We check for wear and tear, and check your tire pressure.
Brake system performance – check for damage, leaks, pad thickness, etc.
Cooling system – check level, add if necessary flush system
Check Engine diagnostics – check fault memory
Check for leaks in engine compartment
Electronic battery and charging system check
Inspect or change cabin filter
Transmission fluid and leak checks
Sunroof drains – open sunroof to check front water drain
Plenum Panel – remove cover to plenum panel to check water drains and clean
Check all lights
Spark plugs – replace as needed by year and model
Timing belt – replace as needed
Brake fluid – replace every 2 years regardless of mileage

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