Fuel economy has continuously been a factor for those who are in the market for a new car. Choosing the right vehicle often depends on what kind of gas mileage it gets, and if you own a BMW, this might have been one of the aspects that attracted you in the first place. BMW’s aren’t considered to get excellent gas mileage.

However, they are one of the few high-end performance cars that deliver above-average fuel economy compared to others. BMW has a list of approved oils which are the only oils that should be used. At Dealer Service Alternative, we use nothing but the best, such as synthetic oil and OEM filters to keep your car running like as it should! Our certified BMW repair Orlando mechanics have your best interests in mind.

Continuous maintenance of your car plays a huge role in the performance of a BMW, including its fuel efficiency. When your BMW is taken care of correctly, the various features of the fuel system work more efficiently, giving you the best gas mileage as possible, unfortunately, if you neglect the maintenance of your car, various parts of your fuel system can malfunction. One of the components in your BMW’s fuel system that you might experience problems with is your fuel pump. Here are a few reasons why your fuel pump could fail.

Cracked Fuel Pump

If you find yourself having some issues with your fuel pump, it could be due to a crack in it. The first sign of a possible crack in your fuel pump is noticing your fuel economy is going down significantly. Also, when you have a crack, you can experience a bit of lagging acceleration. For instance, your BMW may go in and out, but never stop accelerating, just at different rates of acceleration. In addition, you may lose all acceleration ability. When you have a cracked fuel pump, sometimes when you press down on the gas, your car may just sit while your rpms are going up and then the car will accelerate you and then stop accelerating again causing a jerking motion. If you notice your BMW doing this or realize you have a crack in your fuel pump, it’s important for you to get it inspected out immediately by the professionals at Dealer Service Alternative.

Water in the Fuel

Another reason for fuel pump failure in your BMW can be due to there being water in the fuel. The water can be damaging to the pump by corroding its parts. This usually happens when you leave your BMW sitting or stored for long periods. The fuel tank attracts moisture, and eventually, the water gathers in the tank and starts to separate. Once it does, the sitting water begins to erode the metal and the fuel pump. To avoid this situation if you’re going to store your BMW for an extended time, make sure you remove all the fuel before storing it.

Dirty Fuel

Your fuel pump could also fail if you’re putting dirty fuel into your tank. Even though you have a strainer in your fuel system which pulls out contaminants and debris, not all of it can be stopped from making its way to the fuel pump and the rest of your car. Particles that make it through the fuel pump will gradually wear it down and cause the pump to fail. It can be a challenge to know when your fuel is dirty, so your best option is to check that the strainer is clean regularly.

Alex Aviles
Alex Aviles

Alex is an ARMY Veteran who graduated from Austin Pea State University with an automotive technology degree. Alex has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has held a master technician certificate from Mercedes-Benz.