Technet Service Provider

Technet Service Provider

When looking to have your vehicle repaired, there are numerous options. However, when considering the nature of the quality being performed on your car, there is no better choice than Dealer Service Alternative. In addition to our exceptional services, our dealership is proud to serve as a Technet facility. When you come to us for your automotive needs, you will discover our Technet Professional Auto Service facility protects your vehicle with top-quality warranty coverage, while also giving an excellent and pleasant service experience.

Technet Professional Auto Service centers operate as your nearby independently owned alternative when services are needed on your vehicle. At Dealer Service Alternative you will experience our qualified mechanics who are ASE certified, so you can feel confident they have the skills required to work on your car. With our Technet Professional Auto Services taking pride in our values and upholding the highest ethical standards, you can trust us with all of your vehicle repairs.

When you come to our dealership, you can find all of these services that are offered by Technet Professional Auto Service which include:

Preventive maintenance services
Brake services
Engine tune-up services
Cooling system services
Computer diagnostic services
Engine and transmission servicesr
Exhaust and suspension services
Electrical system services
Climate control services
Oil and filter service
Inspection services and much more
Our dealership stays committed to making sure your vehicle is safe, dependable, and well maintained so that our customers have the confidence they need when they are on the road. When you have services and repairs performed by our authorized Technet Professional Auto Service facility, you have the opportunity to enjoy its many benefits such as:

Virtual Vehicle

So when we say a virtual vehicle, you’re probably scratching your head right now wondering what we are talking about. Virtual Vehicle is an online support program that Technet Professional Auto Service centers use to simplify the communication between the service advisor and you.

Our system based program allows you to learn why a service or repair will be needed for your vehicle, what you could be experiencing because of the issue, and how our technicians can solve your problem.

The days are gone where you have to worry about trying to wrap your head around the complicated jargon of the automotive industry. With our program using simple animations, Virtual Vehicle displays car parts and systems to show over 300 of the most common customer service problems.

Using our Virtual Vehicle feature allows your service advisor to let you know why a timing belt could be needed and replaced, or why warped brake rotors can be damaging to your car. Most importantly, this program tells you what will happen if the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule does not perform these services. The next time your vehicle needs to be serviced, be sure to get our Virtual Vehicle tour.

Nationwide Warranty

Another feature of our Technet Professional Service is when you get your car serviced at our authorized dealer; a nationwide warranty will cover you. This warranty spreads throughout the country, ensuring your vehicle will be protected on qualified services and repairs.

The Technet warranty program covers most parts and labor for:
Twenty-four months or 24,000 miles/38,000 kilometers, whichever comes first when traveling more than 25 miles.40 kilometers from the original Technet Professional Auto Service facility.

Furthermore, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re outside of the 25 miles of the original service facility, a warranty program administrator will direct you to the nearest in-network service facility to take care of your repairs.

Roadside Assistance

Never worry about being alone again! With the roadside assistance that comes with Technet services, you will be covered for the entire year 24/7 which is complimentary with your qualifying service.

Whenever you purchase $25 or more in service from a Technet Professional Auto Service center, you will be covered for 365 days a year if you need a tow, locked out of your car, battery jump, emergency fuel-delivery, or a flat tire.