When you think of luxury and quality vehicles, Mercedes-Benz usually comes at the top of the list. German engineering has long been considered at the top of quality standards, especially in the vehicle manufacturing industry. But like everything mechanical, these cars still do have common repair needs.

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Common Mercedes Repairs

These German-made cars require special maintenance for optimal longevity and performance. Common maintenance needs of a Mercedes are no different than any other vehicle. If not done regularly and properly, problems can arise and become costly. Some problems that come up are dependent on the vehicle’s age, model, and maintenance history. In general, an older and poorly maintained car will have more significant problems when compared to the same model that’s newer and well-maintained.

Window Regulators

One common problem reported by Mercedes owners is the windows and their pulleys. Unfortunately, the pulleys that raise and lower the windows are made of plastic and can easily break over time. Extreme fluctuations in temperatures, material weak points, and time can cause the pulleys to break, rendering the window immobile. Fortunately, while it’s annoying, these pulleys are easy to replace.

Steering & Wheel Alignment

All vehicles will suffer from steering alignment problems, especially after hitting potholes too hard, running over curbs at high speeds, and braking too hard and suddenly. This can become a significant problem and safety hazard for all Mercedes drivers and should be fixed right away.  As a Mercedes owner, you should look out for signs of wheel misalignment. Some of them include strange noises produced by the wheels or if it’s suddenly more difficult to turn your steering wheel to one side. If you encounter any of these, don’t delay and get your car checked as soon as possible.

Engine & Transmission Mounts

This problem is more commonly seen in older models but can still occur in newer models. Signs that your engine mounts have failed include a slow and gradual vibration that can be felt when sitting, holding the steering wheel, and within the cabin. It is recommended that these mounts be checked every seven years or 130,000 kilometers of mileage.

Gear Shifts

Another common Mercedes repair issue is the gear shifts. Basically, the vehicles would start but are stuck in “Park” and wouldn’t shift. This problem can arise from worn or broken gears and need repair from a certified mechanic.

Catalytic Converters

Mercedes with over 8,000 Kilometers have been reported to have problems with their catalytic converters. They become clogged and not as efficient, causing the engine to misfire and hesitate. This results in a noticeable drop in performance, and you’ll also see the check engine symbol light up. It’s essential to send your Mercedes in for a repair quickly, so your car is not further affected.


Staying on top of routine maintenance and being observant of any strange noises, reactions, and functions of your Mercedes will help prevent more costly problems in the future. Proper vehicle maintenance is important to keep your Mercedes functioning properly for years to come, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you encounter any of these common issues.