Volkswagen or Audi timing belt

Volkswagen or Audi Timing Belt

The average cost for a Volkswagen or Audi timing belt replacement is between $468 and $1,110.00 depending on the engine.

Properly done the job should include a new water pump, new rollers and tensioner and possibly new seals depending on mileage.

Using the best quality parts is crucial since a parts warranty from your local auto parts store only cover the parts they sell you and not the consequential damage cause when a low quality (cheap) part is used.

The timing belt is designed to keep the valves and pistons running without hitting each other while allowing the fuel and air to enter the combustion chamber at the proper time. It is important to replace these belts according to the manufacturer’s intervals since a broken belt can cost you over a thousand dollars more due to internal engine damage caused by valves and pistons running into each other. This can result in bent valves, cylinder head and/or camshaft damage, and even piston and/or cylinder wall damage.

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