Volkswagens are great cars, but when it comes time to get them repaired, it’s normal to be wary about going to just any auto repair shop. Your car is important and you don’t want it to be poorly repaired, Volkswagens especially. 

Fortunately, we are here for you! Dealer Service Alternative is an Orlando VW Repair expert that services Orlando, Winter Park, Oviedo, Lake Nona and surrounding areas. 

Where Should I Take My Volkswagen to Get Repaired?

It’s important to find a maintenance service like us that specializes or has experience in European cars. For auto repair services like us that already have this specialization, we can get any necessary genuine parts for you. 

An auto repair shop that has experience with Volkswagen cars specifically can be a particularly great find. Not all mechanics at dealerships have the same expertise.

With our Volkswagen expertise, we’ll be able to repair your VW according to the Volkswagen gold standard.

If you have a mechanic in mind, it’s always great to ask what their experience with European cars is. Another good method is to ask around and see if anyone you know has a mechanic that fixes European cars.

Genuine VW and OEM Parts

Choosing an auto repair specialized in Volkswagen cars means you can rest assured that only the best parts will be used for your car. You have already chosen to invest in the unparalleled quality of a Volkswagen vehicle so why jeopardize its quality and performance by using mechanics that won’t use the best parts?

Even when it comes to other elements like oils, we only use Volkswagen approved oils for your car.

VW Repairs and Maintenance Costs

Average Annual Maintenance Costs

The average cost does depend on the model of your Volkswagen. The annual cost will also depend on the year of your car and whether you bought it new or used. As you can imagine, older cars that were sold used will be more likely to have maintenance problems than new cars that are sold unused. 

Your average annual cost will include anything from oil and filter changes to tire rotations to brake fluid replacement. Just like with any other type of car, you’ll need to get fluids replaced and change out parts.


Your Volkswagen needs to be taken to professional maintenance and repair shops that have the right experience. Before you leave your car with just any mechanic, make sure you know whether they have experience with European cars and if they are certified by Volkswagen. If not, you may find your car isn’t properly repaired which can lead to even higher costs. 

For Volkswagen repair services that you can trust, give us a call today and see how we can help.