Why us?

“Dealer Quality Service at a Friendly Price!” That’s our promise. But in case you want more…

At DSA, “We protect your warranty”. We do not guess at what your vehicle needs or what fluids it takes. We use a comprehensive catalog system to ensure we will not only maintain your vehicle, but we will protect your manufacturer or extended warranty.

Nothing but the best! With a college degree in Automotive Technology from Austin Peay State University, you should know your car is in good hands! You’re not just hiring another mechanic, you’re partnering with experienced professionals who will not only meet, but exceed, your expectations.

You can trust us! See our reviews. These are from real customers. We will work hard for you to inspire you to leave a positive review as well.

We speak human. Whether in English or Español, we will explain what your vehicle needs. Better yet, we can show you. No technical gibberish to make you think we know what we are doing. Will explain in normal terms or take you to your vehicle and show you what we mean. We want your trust and we will earn it.

We work onrelationships! At DSA, we train our personnel to not only fix your car or SUV, but understand what you, as a customer, want. We grow our family every day with people like you! We make friends, we want your trust.

We care about your car! We love what we do. We love cars, trucks and everything that has wheels! (Except wheel borrows!) Bottom line, people that do what they love, become the best.

We prioritize! DSA technicians will never try to sell you what you don’t need and we will prioritize and tell you what can wait. Again we want a lasting relationship. It does not matter to us if you do all in one shot or little by little. We want you in control.

Open doors! You can, and we encourage you to, speak to the technician working on you vehicle. We have glass windows on every office so you can see what they are doing.

You are the Boss! Because we are a small shop, we’re also responsive, flexible and agile. We adapt as your needs change, with speed, efficiency and fairness larger shops or dealers just can’t match. We stake our reputation on it!

A place to work! Laptop table, secured WiFi, USB chargers. We try to keep you rolling! You work while we work.

Brake Service Warning on Mercedes-Benz

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