Mercedes-Benz makes some of the most impressive luxury cars in the industry. Their combination of power, performance, comfort, and technology make Mercedes cars highly respected. As a result, Mercedes-Benz has placed themselves at the top of their class. However, with any automobile, problems are bound to happen. Although Mercedes-Benz vehicles are usually very reliable, there are still some common problems that occur with various models.

When a problem occurs with a component that is shared across multiple platforms and models, such as engines, transmission, and electrical systems, a pattern of common issues can appear. The technicians at Dealer Service Alternative spend their days working on Mercedes-Benz and have years of experience that helps them troubleshoot regular problems and concerns for Mercedes.

Here is a list of some common problems in Mercedes-Benz

Ignition Switches: Mercedes uses advanced electronic security to ensure the right key is being used to start your car. Issues with EIS (Electronic Ignition System technology can mean your Mercedes won’t start. The solution may be as simple as resetting an error code or can involve replacing your key, ignition switch, or other EIS components.

Electrical system: A few decades ago, Mercedes-Benz vehicles were known to have some severe electrical problems. Recent models are more reliable, though faulty batteries and alternators can be found.

Window Regulators: A Sensitive point on many vehicles, stuck or broken window regulators affect Mercedes models. In some situations, it’s as simple as a faulty window switch, while in others the mechanism for raising and lowering the window breaks and needs to be replaced.

Brakes: While Mercedes brake systems are very reliable, brake switches can cause your brake dashboard light to come on. Brake switches can’t be serviced. Therefore, if one fails, it will need to be replaced.

Rear suspension rattle: Many mid-sized Mercedes models suffer from broken rear springs, which can result in noisy rattle from the rear. While there is little danger during low-speed driving, a broken spring can make your car unstable at high speeds. Therefore, if you hear a rattle from the rear, you should get it replaced by the professionals at Dealer Service Alternative.

Transmission fluid leak: While a major transmission fluid leak isn’t common, a small but steady loss of transmission fluid from underneath a Mercedes is a known problem. This occurs when the gasket for the transmission electrical plug cracks and starts to leak.

Sagging air suspension: Active suspensions are a sensitive issue for almost every car that comes equipped, and Mercedes-Benz is no exception. The S-Class is especially susceptible, and you may notice it with a sagging front end. This is usually due to a leaking strut but could also be the air pump or proportioning valve.

Rust: Newer models of Mercedes are much less prone to rusting than older models, but lower door rusting seems to appear on some models.

Interior: The design and materials of Mercedes interiors are hard to beat, but some of the lower-end interiors suffer from a few quality issues. The plastic trim in the footwells and along the door sills commonly pops loose due to broken latches that will often need replacement.


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