When you’re getting your Mercedes repaired, you want it done right the first time. That means you want your technician taking all the correct precautions and steps from start to finish to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. Pre- and post-repair scans are essential in ensuring that nothing gets overlooked and all of the necessary repairs are made before you take your car home.

Since Mercedes vehicles are known for having a variety of features, they have a lot of built-in technology and sensors that must be checked.

Pre-Repair Scans

When it comes to repairing a Mercedes, regardless of how the damage looks from the outside, a pre-repair scan is a must. Since Mercedes vehicles tend to be equipped with a lot of internal technology, there are a lot of components that can sustain damage without any indication or notifications. This means, you can’t simply rely on what your dash lights are telling you, this is especially true after any type of collision.

Mercedes highly recommends a pre-repair scan every time to let the repair technician know exactly what they’re working with from the start. If there’s anything that needs to be replaced, recalibrated or repaired, they’ll be aware of it and include it in your complete estimate for repairs.

It’s also essential that both you and them know the exact condition the vehicle is in is in when it’s brought in, so that if anything changes after the initial repairs are complete, you’ll know these issues arose while your Mercedes was in the technician’s hands and therefore their responsibility to correct.

Post-Repair Scans

If the repair itself was to correct an error in the pre-repair scan, a post-repair scan will let the technician know if the repair was successful or not. Likewise, a post-repair scan is also essential in letting the technician know if any errors arose while the repair or service was taking place.

This type of scan is especially important after collisions and/or the removal of any exterior pieces of the vehicle – such as bumpers, parking sensors, cameras, seats, windshields with driver-assist sensors, etc. These post-repair scans are necessary on Mercedes models from 1996 and newer.


Your Mercedes won’t always let you know when something’s off, until it’s too late. This is why pre- and post-repair scans are so important. Not all car issues are visible to the human eye, so a diagnostic scan is necessary for the technician to fully understand the condition of your vehicle and what needs to be done.

Identifying issues early-on with a pre-repair scan will give them a clear idea and they’ll be able to provide you with an accurate estimate, while a post-repair scan will ensure that the repairs were done correctly. Knowing that the proper care was taken during the repair process will give you confidence and reassurance that your Mercedes is good to go. Contact Dealer Service Alternative for Mercedes Repair in Winter Park or Orlando.